The Art of Design

Graphic design is a significant step in the process of successfully providing information, including forming a website as well as creating advertisements. We have a great team of graphic designers who often share tips and information about their thought process behind design.

This week at adHOME, we talked about grids which are commonly used in design. Grids are made up of a series of intersecting straight or curved lines used to help the designer plan where to place content and images on an advertisement.

Both print and web designers are using grids to control the structure of their content. On websites, it has become increasingly important to provide information in a visually appealing and informative way to consumers. An example of a successfully grid-based design can be seen in the New York Times website. This website is one of the more well known grid-based designs, and it has allowed for the website to be presented in a clean, and organized manner, therefore making it visually appealing.

Grids can come in many different forms. From squares and diamonds to the Golden Ratio of design and even custom grids. A good design will include some form of a grid, allowing for information to be displayed in a pleasing and artistic way.

See some great use of grids in our work and let us know what you think about grids!